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Eaves Cleaning and Repair

Our standard Eaves-trough Cleaning involves the interior of the eaves and mouth of the downspout. Debris is completely removed from inside of the eavestrough and down-spouts are inspected for proper drainage. If necessary, "Snaking" (clearing of debris) in "blocked" or "plugged" elbows and down-spouts may require an additional fee.

We also offer a "Downspout Disconnection" Service which is now in effect and mandatory for every home in the city of Toronto.

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Exterior Eaves Cleaning and Power Washing is also available at an additional fee.

Installation and or removal of eaves-trough "screens", "leaf guards", "gutter guards", vines and branch trimming are also provided at an additional fee if required.

Eaves-Trough Repair from minor work such as re-securing falling eaves, sealing leaks, up to full installation is also available upon request.


We needed our really high eavestroughs cleaned as they were clogged. I was able to arrange a time very promptly and they came and finished the job very thoroughly and quickly. There were also few loose eavestroughs and they were able to secure those with no problems. I will definitely call them again for our annual eavestrough cleanings.

- Toronto Home Owner